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Cannabis Marketing for Dispensaries and Canna-businesses

So in the new and daunting world of the cannabis industry there are a lot of misconceptions and half truths out there. Let us clear some of those up for you.

You do need some sort of cannabis marketing.

Facebook –  You can not advertise on Facebook, the censors will not let you. Now we have gotten some things passed the censors and saw great results, but normally you cannot do it. We did it by making the page look basic and with generic photos for front page and profile. We ended up with 523 likes and follows for about 0.53 cents each.cannabis marketing Now with Facebook the share is the best bang for your buck, likes only now show your initial reach but follows show your actual reach. So keep your page updates to about 1 to 2 posts a day, make one some sort of video or picture with a link back to your site or FB page.  In tests done by CannaRank they noticed the best time to post is from 3pm to 7pm Tuesday through Friday for cannabis related things. This greatly differs from the normal posting practices, but this market is different.

YouTube – We have had a lot of YouTube videos run on the ad platform there with decent results. Our videos had lots of completed views (this is with a short 30 second video). The cost is very minimal at around 0.04 a view and the ROI was very nice at about $4.00 per customer. Now after some time the videos were flagged and removed. So a cool down and then a reup of another.

Instagram – This is another great platform for you to get some business. This is also one you have to tip toe with. Be careful with what you post, keep it very generic with the pictures and text as the censors are watching. Pretty women/men, cars, motorcycles ect… with a short text message that does not have the “bad” words of cannabis related things and you will do great

Peer to Peer – A great way is peer to peer marketing as that can give you more trust in the market with your brand. Be the customers or people that receive your product for free, influencers etc, are a great asset. A good personality with the right followers can gain you a lot of likes and shares to give you a viral push. But these can be expensive, you should pay about $0.50 to $1.50 a share and like using this type of system. You do also need to add a precision targeted PPC effort as well on the cannabis advertising networks such as Mantis Ads.

Getting your product in the hands of people is one of the best you can get. So trade shows, or events are beneficial to your marketing efforts. There are some companies now that will do the marketing for you at trade shows for a minimal fee, if your short on staff.

One thing is for sure you will need some sort of expert in the cannabis marketing realm to help you navigate the system. is one of these companies who have a proven track record and skills to deliver you results.


Hope this was informative for you, have a great week.

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Finding a recreational dispensary near you when your out

Finding a recreational dispensary…

So your out of weed and you need to find a recreational dispensary near you in a hurry. Where do you turn? Well most go to their smart phone and say “find a dispensary near me” and Google will show you a few close by. But it only shows you a few with no way of knowing if the staff sucks, if they have the product you need, do they have edibles, oil or anything else.

It also has a ton of the best recreational stores listed for you to browse.

Well my friends there is a better mouse trap for you that we found online. So there you are, you need to find all of the local cannabis dispensaries near you and see what they have and you want to rate them as well after your done shopping. You can do all of that at is a cannabis vacation and tourism guide, aimed at giving cannabis vacationers help with booking a cannabis friendly room, a 420 tour, finding a good recreational dispensary and tips from experts in travel for your trip.

It also has a ton of the best recreational stores listed for you to browse. You can see what they have for product, what time they are open, what specials and more. This is also a great tool for recreational dispensaries as these are free listings and get you free traffic to your store. We have seen some listing do better in the SERPS then the business it is listing.

We suggest you go and check out before your next vacation to learn a lot about cannabis vacations, find a cannabis friendly room, and to find a good tour. Visit the “Cannabis for Dummies” section to learn a lot about the plant that you didn’t know, amaze your friends with this knowledge.
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Colorado Highlife Tours


Cannabis tourism is big in Colorado. While many individuals are beginning to suit the cannabis tourism market, it’s sufficiently initial that numerous business lodging suppliers are as yet characterizing their approaches or are reluctant to freely advertise themselves as marijuana friendly.

When you take a seat to arrange your colorado marijuana tours get-away, prepare to be amazed. Not exclusively does Colorado offer probably the most magnificent landscape in the nation, there’s additionally an awesome get-away memory sticking around each bend.

Here’s a fast rundown of get-away thoughts for the Colorado voyager.

Denver Area Vacation Ideas

Passage to the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, Denver offers a staggering assortment of excursion encounters. Families will need to visit the Riverfront area with its Children’s Museum and Aquarium, while craftsmanship darlings ought to arrange time in the Golden Triangle Museum District. There’s likewise a wealth of night life-from in vogue LoDo to Colfax Avenue.

Also, it wouldn’t be Colorado without outside undertakings. With the Rockies at their doorstep, guests to Denver are minutes from skiing, tubing, angling, sailing and climbing energy. Various ski towns develop as you travel west from Denver along I-70, so winter sports thrill is never far away. Come to Denver for the dynamic urban experience, yet make certain to spare some time for open air sports fun, as well. Check out this website at and know more about marijuana.

Pikes Peak Country Itineraries

Colorado Springs, Cripple Creek, Canon City and Manitou Springs, all inside sight of Pikes Peak, each offer attractions to entice the Colorado guest. Pikes Peak, obviously, is the granddaddy of all Rocky Mountain encounters, with its barrette bends and stunning neglects. Any guest to this region ought to make the drive; hardier souls may even need to contend in the yearly Pikes Peak Marathon!

West of the Continental Divide

The western incline of the 420 friendly lodging brags probably the most stunning view possible. It’s additionally home to unending Colorado get-away conceivable outcomes. Towns like Glenwood Springs, site of the gigantic characteristic hot springs swimming pool, and Grand Junction, portal to the red shake gullies of Colorado National Monument, coax the guest searching for the surprising.

East of Montrose, you’ll discover the remarkable Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. Also, we can’t forget the excellence and glory that denote the Continental Divide itself! A drive along Big Thompson Canyon into Estes Park and over the Divide on Trail Ridge Road has energized excursion recollections for a huge number of guests.

Regardless of whether you come to investigate the history, culture or outside enterprise of Colorado, it will be time well spent. You’ll soon realize why it’s difficult to avoid Colorado.

Having a Cannabis Friendly Tour


There are a lot of people that are fans of using cannabis or most commonly known as marijuana or weed. Smoking weed is something recreational for a lot of people as they would be able to use it in order to get a certain high so that they would be able to feel much better. There are also cannabis products that are used for medical purposes like cannabis oil and it is important that we should be able to get to know more about them as it can treat a lot of different kinds of illnesses. There are also medical marijuana that can be smoked that are used to treat certain kinds of respiratory and motor problems in our body and that is one of the reasons why there are a lot of people that are smoking weed or marijuana. In using cannabis, we should all know that there are a lot of places and states that have them legalized for personal consumption and some for marketing but it is important that you should be able to know how to do so legally. Having states or places where marijuana is legal, you should also know that there are places that it is regulated and it is illegal to use it in public and even in private properties. When you would get caught possessing cannabis in places that have it illegal, then you would surely be brought to jail for criminal actions. We should know more about the law if we would have a Colorado Highlife Tours so that we would not get into any kind of trouble.

If we would want to have a cannabis friendly tour, it is important that we should do some research on all of the places that would have it legal for consumption so that we would be able to have no problems in using them. There are a lot of places where there are coffee shops and even restaurants that are serving cannabis products to their customers. These places have them legalized thus there would not be any problem in using them. You would be served with an enough amount that would be deemed as safe for consumption and would not cause you to get so high. It is important that you should be responsible when using cannabis or weed so that you would not have any problems and you could just enjoy yourself. Know how to find cannabis friendly hotels here!

Know more about cannabis at

The Best Cannabis-Friendly Places to Travel

Best Cannabis Friendly Places to Travel


Because you’re reading this article, it only means you’re looking to learn more about those places they say you can travel while bringing cannabis with you. Weed, marijuana, cannabis, whatever you call it, is certainly one thing that can provide you double, triple, or even quadruple the usual adventure you’re seeking. Simply put, going to cannabis-friendly places to have fun is definitely an once-in-a-lifetime experience. But before you start packing your bags (and your weed), know your options first. So here are the best cannabis-friendly places you need to plan on going right about now:


1 – Colorado


One of the best Colorado tours from out there is the one that includes a visit to Brainard Lake, where the great outdoors combined with the rocky shoreline of the lake offer a breathtaking viewing experience. Because Colorado allows the use of cannabis in private consumption, it is best that you look for privately owned campgrounds near the lake, and yes, there are so many options once you get there.


2 – Peru


But if you want to get out of your comfort zone and literally get out of the country, then a visit to Machu Picchu in Peru should be on your priority list. If you don’t know it yet, the government of Peru allows travelers to bring in a maximum of eight grams of cannabis, provided you’re not bringing any other drugs or you’re not bringing the cannabis to sell them. So once you get a hold of cannabis and a ticket to Peru, Machu Picchu, which by the way is about 8,000 feet in the sky, is waiting for you.  learn more about cannabis at


3 – Portugal


How about a country where all types of drugs supposedly illegal in the U.S. have been decriminalized for almost 20 years now? The best thing about a visit to Portugal, more specifically in the city of Lagos is that you get to enjoy cannabis while also munching on strawberries and a glass of perfectly aged local wines. And did we mention cannabis while sitting on the country’s numerous gorgeous beaches?


4 – Amsterdam


Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Not only can you bring your own cannabis and enjoy smoking rooms in this city, you also can buy it everywhere, which means you can enjoy it without having to worry about getting caught. Well, the ones getting caught in this country might just be those who don’t use weed.


So those basically are your best destinations for a cannabis-filled travel at, just make sure though you find cannabis friendly hotels for your accommodation, too.

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