Cannabis Smoking Accessories

So your out looking for the latest and greatest in oil dab rigs , best in bongs, or vaporizers to add to your collection or your needing a new one, we have got a short but informative list of cannabis smoking accessories here for you.

So let us show you a great website to get that new and glorious pipe, now there are a lot of choices out there for you online, alot of them. Alas, we have a great place that we have found for you to find some curated pieces from around the world. is the new kids or “dog” on the block and are taking the smoking industry by storm. *This is a sponsored post.

Dab Rigs

So lets start with dab rigs, you can find a lot of nice pipes ready to ship to you in a matter of days. They have only the best in glass shown in the dab rig section of the site and you will see the awesome selection of oil rigs in the world from all of the best companies.

Like this nice rig pictured here, this can be had by following the link just below this section. dab rig


Water Pipes – Bongs

So it seems that some of you may have just broken your bong and are in need of a new piece. If your needed a water pipe our friends at also have some of the best in bongs that you will ever see.

Remember these guys have scoured the internet for only the best in quality to price and bring you the best they have found. So look at this wonderful bong here in the photo, this could be yours, by following the link just below this section.



Hand Pipes

Well the holidays are approaching fast be it Christmas or 4/20 there is always a reason to buy your friend or yourself that great new hand pipe for on the go. The hand pipe is the number one selling smoking accessory in the industry.

So that’s why you want to make sure you getting the best pipes there are. You can get worry free shipping and returns on your pies when you order them from our friends at Look at this glass beauty here, there are a ton more to see, just follow the below link.

pipe 2



So lets say your trying to kick the smoking habit and wanted to venture into the vaporizer realm. Well you can’t find all of the best brands under one roof unless you Google them all and who has time for that.

Our friends at DopeBoo have a great selection with deep discounts on the best brands and models of handheld and table top vaporizers. You can get a Volcano at some of the best prices. Just click the link below this section to get your discounted vaporizer.


So no matter what your favorite way to consume is, just know that has your back with every conceivable pipe you can think of in their inventory, so go give them a look and happy shopping!


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