Need some Cannabis Marketing?

Cannabis Marketing for Dispensaries and Canna-businesses

So in the new and daunting world of the cannabis industry there are a lot of misconceptions and half truths out there. Let us clear some of those up for you.

You do need some sort of cannabis marketing.

Facebook –  You can not advertise on Facebook, the censors will not let you. Now we have gotten some things passed the censors and saw great results, but normally you cannot do it. We did it by making the page look basic and with generic photos for front page and profile. We ended up with 523 likes and follows for about 0.53 cents each.cannabis marketing Now with Facebook the share is the best bang for your buck, likes only now show your initial reach but follows show your actual reach. So keep your page updates to about 1 to 2 posts a day, make one some sort of video or picture with a link back to your site or FB page.  In tests done by CannaRank they noticed the best time to post is from 3pm to 7pm Tuesday through Friday for cannabis related things. This greatly differs from the normal posting practices, but this market is different.

YouTube – We have had a lot of YouTube videos run on the ad platform there with decent results. Our videos had lots of completed views (this is with a short 30 second video). The cost is very minimal at around 0.04 a view and the ROI was very nice at about $4.00 per customer. Now after some time the videos were flagged and removed. So a cool down and then a reup of another.

Instagram – This is another great platform for you to get some business. This is also one you have to tip toe with. Be careful with what you post, keep it very generic with the pictures and text as the censors are watching. Pretty women/men, cars, motorcycles ect… with a short text message that does not have the “bad” words of cannabis related things and you will do great

Peer to Peer – A great way is peer to peer marketing as that can give you more trust in the market with your brand. Be the customers or people that receive your product for free, influencers etc, are a great asset. A good personality with the right followers can gain you a lot of likes and shares to give you a viral push. But these can be expensive, you should pay about $0.50 to $1.50 a share and like using this type of system. You do also need to add a precision targeted PPC effort as well on the cannabis advertising networks such as Mantis Ads.

Getting your product in the hands of people is one of the best you can get. So trade shows, or events are beneficial to your marketing efforts. There are some companies now that will do the marketing for you at trade shows for a minimal fee, if your short on staff.

One thing is for sure you will need some sort of expert in the cannabis marketing realm to help you navigate the system. is one of these companies who have a proven track record and skills to deliver you results.


Hope this was informative for you, have a great week.

Author Mari J





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